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Speleoteca Project

Speleoteca Project

The Speleoteca project was born in 2007 as a natural evolution of the original catalog of the Library "Franco Anelli" of the Italian Speleological Society, with the aim of creating a structured and widespread network of speleological libraries in Italy. The project includes:

  • the adoption of a shared catalog, characterized by homogeneous and unified cataloging criteria
  • the online sharing of a virtual catalog (OPAC - Online Public Access Catalog) of caving publications
  • periodic training meetings of librarians
  • exchanges of double publications between libraries

Currently 20 libraries (3 regional and 17 local) take part to Speleoteca.

Online Catalog

The site is an OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) that allows the free biographic consultation of more than 30,000 titles of speleological publications from around the world.

Born from a simple first db3 database on a local workstation, it has gone through successive improvements, entering data on the current operating software on the ISBD cataloging standards, and allows a direct connection to libraries of the Caving Groups involved in the project.

Literature searches are possible through the normal criteria of the OPAC, or Author / Title, Series, Classification, Subject, Year, Standard Numbers, etc ...

The classification of UIS Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique / Speleological Abstracts (adapted version by Alexander Klimchouk) was adopted as “classification" by subjects.